The School for Social Entrepreneurs (“SSE”) is a charity that has supported thousands of people to start up organisations to benefit their communities over the past 20 years.

Here is some information about one of their flagship projects the London Fellowship Programme which maybe of interest to budding social entrepreneurs.


The London Fellowship Programme

This programme helps Londoners from all backgrounds to start up charities, social enterprises and community projects, with learning, mentoring and peer support.

97% of current and past participants say they would recommend the programme, but SSE are really keen to reach people who have not heard of them before – especially people keen to work at grass roots level i.e. you.

The beauty of the programme is that:

  1. It is a practical, non-academic course
  2. You do not need any educational qualifications
  3. They welcome people from all backgrounds.
  4. There is no scary interview process

Interested?  Book onto a launch session and find out more by clicking on this link:

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