Business Project Management


The LBP management team has worked, both individually and with other organisations, on publicly and/or privately funded entrepreneurship programmes,  supporting business owners at the pre-start, new and trading stages. We have worked with funders such as local authorities, the Department of Works and Pensions (“DWP”), European Social Fund (“ESF”), European Regional Development Fund (“ERDF”) and Interreg.

The focus of all these programmes was to provide access to the most appropriate specialist support and delivery model to ensure the most effective and long-lasting impact on sustainability, business performance and job creation.

We have over 12 years’ experience in:

 Designing enterprise support projects and delivery plans based on fixed budgets
 Budget Planning and Management including Financial Costing
 Project Management
 Project Delivery including recruiting and management of external partners where acting in a lead capacity role
 Delivering outputs against agreed targets
 Client Recruitment and Management
 Interim and Post Project Audit Management
 Sourcing match funding from partners in support of projects

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