Often compared to riding a roller coaster, starting up or also running a business most certainly comes with its twists and turns. What’s more, it’s not just more fun together, it’s also more encouraging and less daunting if experienced together.

To make your business journey more enjoyable and successful, we offer 1:1 advice sessions with our experienced business growth advisors, who have extensive experience and knowledge in strategic business planning and development, new market penetration, business funding and much more.

By helping you challenge your status quo and assumptions, set strategic goals, find specialist skills and sometimes just by providing a sounding board to bounce off your ideas, we will guide you to the next level of your enterprise, whichever stage you’re at: starting up, trading or growing.

Fees and Booking

If you’ve been operating your business over three years, we may be able to refer you on to programmes, which subsidise the cost of these sessions.

To find out if you may be eligible for this subsidiary, or to book a session, get in touch!

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