Rayners Lane Village Garden Triangle

London Business Partnership Limited has been involved in this project during 2017 whose aim is to revitalise and transform a tired and neglected yet prominently placed triangle of public space in Rayners Lane, thereby creating a distinctive high quality space for the community

The project is a great idea because it will:

  1. Return a sense of identity and ownership to the area that’s been lost but more importantly, it’s led by the community so we hope that this will just be the start and the catalyst for further continued improvement in the area.
  2. Complement previous efforts in the area to encourage entrepreneurship through pop up shops and affordable workspaces. The proposal for a “host” structure within the garden is a natural next step to continue the business momentum that exists, with it being used to ‘test trade’ new business products but versatile enough to be used during and for community events/fetes.

The Young Harrow Foundation has agreed to manage the “host structure” when it is opened.

Working in collaboration with Harrow Council and DK-CM the project was successful in raising £76k through the Crowdfunding website, Spacehive, of which £15k was pledged by the Mayor of London at a “pitching” event hosted at his office with the remainder coming from our key supporters; Harrow Council and Ladbrokes as well as the generosity of local residents/businesses.

We will keep you updated on our progress through Twitter, Facebook and the Spacehive website.




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