One of our higher profile projects, ResilieNt WEB was a strategic business support programme, funded by the European Union Interreg IVb NWE initiative and brought together the expertise of specialist business advice agencies across North West Europe, including the UK, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

We were selected as the UK partner to deliver the programme, which aimed at helping small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) create sustainable and resilient business models for the 21st century and beyond.

The main driver for the initiative was the rationale that in the face of today’s constant economic, social and environmental changes a resilient and consequently winning business strategy is one that leverages collaboration and innovation; whilst using as few natural resources as possible.

Together we developed special coaching tools (available on and offline), which aim to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) both, evaluate and future proof their resilience by enabling them to:

Identify and plan commercial opportunities

Anticipate and adjust to market changes

Innovate and develop creative solutions

Share common tools and strategies



The ResilieNt WEB programme was considered a great success and contributed to a range of wider objectives such as:

To promote sustainability driven entrepreneurship

To foster cooperation between European regions

To create jobs and improve sustainability in the current economic conditions

To inspire other companies to adopt similar strategies


Initially tested out in food, construction and tourism related sectors, the ResilieNt WEB initiative was later rolled out successfully to include other industries as well. And although funding for the project ended in May 2015, many of the coaching toolkits are still available online, and we’re always available for 1:1 business advice sessions to discuss and show you how a focus on sustainability and resilience might benefit your business.

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