At London Business Partnership our mission is to support new and existing small and medium sized business owners through every stage of their business, from pre-start up, to new and trading, and to help them create profitable, resilient and sustainable businesses. Not just surviving, but thriving businesses as we put it.

Designing and delivering enterprise programmes, either individually or in partnership with other organisations, is one of the most successful ways in which we’ve been delivering on that mission since our beginnings back in 2012.

We have extensive experience:


Designing enterprise support projects and delivery plans based on fixed budgets

Budget planning and management including financial costing

Sourcing funding from partners in support of projects

Selection and management of external suppliers, partners and clients

Project management and delivery against agree targets

Interim and post project audit management

The Department of Works and Pensions, the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund are just some local and European authorities, who’ve partnered with us to deliver their enterprise programmes.

Find out more about two of our signature programmes:

Mentoring Harrow

Resilent Web


Contact us to discuss how we can help with your enterprise programme.



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