See below what some of our clients think about our services!

Lavina Bonar – Director Of ShoeSizers Limited

“I really didn’t know what to expect from the mentoring programme but it has truly exceeded all my expectations. Just to find a knowledgeable, sounding board is fantastic but to find someone who is genuinely interested and excited about helping your business meant so much more. My mentor Noah gave me the confidence, and clarity I desperately needed to push forward and grow my business.”

“Being an Entrepreneur is all about getting comfortable being uncomfortable. It can be a lonely journey and finding someone who not only understands but who is willing to give you the benefit of their experience saves you both time and money. Working “in” the business can detract you from working “on” the business and it is essential to have a mentor and role model like Noah, who is inspiring, thought provoking and extremely motivating.”

“I am so grateful to Deryck, Matthew and the whole team at Mentoring Harrow for the introduction to my mentor Noah. I am pleased to say that Noah and I are continuing our relationship on a consultancy basis as I feel he’s input is invaluable to Sizers, especially in the coming years!”


Birgit Diggins – Founder Of

“I came across the Mentoring Harrow programme at a time of my entrepreneurial journey when I already developed my business proposition and website. However, when it came to registering my business, procrastination still seemed my best friend – or rather worst enemy.

Meeting the programme’s organisers from London Business Partnership (LBP) and having attended a number of their free workshops, truly was the kick that I needed to finally get serious, start-up and get trading. I also got tons of inspiration to progress my business strategy and service offering, and most of all have been enjoying meeting so many like-minded and ambitious local entrepreneurs. I even secured valuable business through the programme.

Thanks very much to Mentoring Harrow and the LBP team and I look forward to future events and activities!”


Ketan Dattani – Founder Of Buckingham Futures Limited

“I initially met Deryck Sealy of London Business Partnership at an event run by Harrow in Business in November 2015. It was then that he informed me about the Mentoring Harrow scheme.

We arranged to meet shortly thereafter to discuss my requirements as an individual relatively new to business. Our initial (and subsequent) meetings have been both enjoyable and informative. His insightful conversation contained several innovative ideas

Deryck subsequently arranged a meeting between myself and Barry Gilbert.  Barry has provided so much more than just the traditional business mentoring I expected, and I can’t thank him enough for having such a positive impact on my business in such a short timeframe. He is a great listener and can distil the many and often complex issues facing an individual – these might be things that are not immediately obvious.

I leave my meetings with Barry energized and re-focused. Our sessions together help me create the space to reflect on challenges and work out in my mind the best approach for me to overcome them and take them forward.My sessions with Barry really help me to focus on my own business needs, taking me away from working ‘in’ the business to working ‘on’ the business.

I always look forward to our meetings. Barry’s probing style of coaching forces me to think through issues I might otherwise gloss over or miss completely.Moreover, he gives me highly intelligent and knowledgeable feedback on a wide range of subjects, from staff management to marketing.

I can’t thank Deryck Sealy, The London Business Partnership, Mentoring Harrow and Barry Gilbert enough. I look forward to continue our excellent working relationships for the months and years to come.”

Mounir Mehhat – Founder of Mind Movement Fitness Limited

“I have been a part of the Mentoring Harrow project since December 2015.

I am greatly appreciative of this opportunity to receive an informative, motivating and highly knowledgeable Mentor. My mentorship with Amina Sadiq has helped me with taking ownership, and creating a solid foundation to succeed with my business, this included allowing me the space to create a business mind-set in which to succeed.

My turnover has doubled in the 6- Month period before the mentorship to the 6 – months after it began. I have learnt to take other aspects of my industry that go unnoticed, such as marketing and business development. Before starting the mentorship I wanted to earn a 6-figure salary which seemed like a dream rather than a reality. However, under Amina’s guidance I have begun my journey to this goal.

Another huge goal was owning my first studio space. Amina helped me break through some barriers which held me back from achieving this. I am now very close to putting an offer on a property due to the confidence I gained and all the helpful insight Amina offered. I am very thankful for her continued support.”

Varsha Joshi – Founder Of Rumble Tumble Harrow Limited

“I, Varsha Joshi, director of Rumble Tumble confirm that my Mentor – Robert Bailey, that was assigned to me under the Mentoring Harrow project has guided me to both develop and improve the performance of my business.

We have developed a programme of seasonal promotional activities to increase foot fall, an on-going social marketing campaign, increased our customer database by 30%, reviewed signage on site, implemented a new web site design, increased food sales by 50%, achieved three consecutive months record turnover, generated monthly management accounts and P & L forecast to review and where possible adjust all external financial overheads to identify monthly break even targets.

I am very grateful for all the business support and help that I received under the Mentoring Harrow programme.”


Tanya Morris – Founder Of Excelling In Youth Recruitment Services C.I.C

“Before joining the Mentoring Harrow project, I had no idea how to run a social enterprise. My business Mentor – Rachael Wright has been really supportive with helping me with this!

Thanks to her I have now been approached by several community groups to deliver bespoke services.”


Rowena Lutu – Founder of MorishJems Limited

“I honestly could not have imagined that I could come out of a 90 minute session with such a greater understanding of my business, and the wider business environment.

I look forward to working with my Mentor – Roland Nicholas in the future, so as to further understand business models, practises, implementation and evaluation of strategies that will create a  scalable framework in which MorishJems Limited can grow in the future”.


Cheryl Johnson – Founder Of Peace Of Mind Home Care Solutions Limited

“My Mentor – Kevin Wright was able to explain to me the building blocks of how to build a successful business. He is a brilliant Mentor and very easy to understand.

He made me realise that I need to adapt my mindset, and change the way I proceed in running my business from this point forward. I am really looking forward to completing the tasks Kevin has set for me!” 


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