We’ve been working with local as well as European authorities, and both, publicly as well as privately funded organisations, to develop and deliver a variety of entrepreneurship programmes. Always with a clear focus: to support new and existing small and medium sized business owners through every stage of their business, from pre-start up, to new and trading, and to help them create profitable, resilient and sustainable businesses. Not just surviving, but thriving businesses as we put it.


Mentoring Harrow:

Another of London Business Partnership’s signature projects, Mentoring Harrow is a business mentoring programme, which we have been running on behalf of the London Borough of Harrow and the Greater London Authority.

The objective is to recruit and train experienced business owners to become mentors, to then match them with local entrepreneurs who need support to start, grow and sustain their business.

For more details, or to get involved, click here.


Resilient Web:


One of our higher profile projects, ResilieNt WEB was a strategic business support programme, funded by the European Interreg IVb NWE initiative and brought together the expertise of specialist business advice agencies across North West Europe, including UK, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

London Business Partnership was the UK partner of choice to run the programme, which aimed to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) create sustainable and resilient business models for the 21st century and beyond.

Please see the website for full details:  http://resilientweb.eu/en/



ESF Nursery Internship :


An initiative by a Czech-based organisation to learn about the standards and processes of childcare provision in selected European countries to then incorporate best practices into the Czech system.

As UK partner of choice, London Business Partnership helped manage the logistics for the stay of all participants in the scheme (Four cohorts of Six). We also arranged for them to visit and observe a minimum of two nursery operators in the UK. Moreover, we designed and delivered a two-hour introductory workshop on current UK childcare regulation and operation.


Brent Active Citizens :

Brent Active Citizens is a volunteer agency, which supports and develops volunteer programmes in the areas in and around Brent, amongst others to help unemployed people build confidence to eventually find their way back into work.


As part of an initiative to encourage self-employment as an attractive route back into paid work, we worked with Brent Active Citizens over a period of five years and successfully designed and delivered a series of business workshops about self-employment and business ownership. For selected individuals with viable business ideas we also provided 1:1 business coaching and advice sessions to help them get their idea off the ground and their own business started. Over the period of the programme we managed to launch five new businesses each year.


Other European Funded Enterprise Programs:

Mostly funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), some other business projects we were involved in are:


  • Collaboration to Compete – We provided project management and specialist support in the development of a sustainable business network and venture, which fostered the sharing of best practice as key to business success.


  • E-Innovate – We delivered the project, which was to support and encourage product, service and management innovation within SMEs through the use of appropriate technology.


  • Cultural Business Investment – We delivered the programme, which was aimed at creative businesses to help them improve business performance and employment opportunities through specialist industry support.


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